First Impressions: Violet Voss x Laura Lee Eyeshadow Palette

I'm back with yet another eyeshadow palette, I'm beyond sorry if you're sick of reading about them but they are definitely my makeup weakness. Now I have been drooling over the Violet Voss Holy Grail eyeshadow palette from the moment I set eyes on it, yet I've never been able to get my hands on it. So when I got my email of the Laura Lee palette launch I knew I had to act fast if I wanted to try out their eyeshadows.
Violet Voss x Laura Lee eyeshadow palette
The colour scheme of this palette won me over straight away; not only was it fairly warm toned, it featured two colours which were so out of my comfort zone but absolutely perfect for winter that I knew I just had to get it to try it out. The two shades were Fleeky and Smashlee. 
Violet Voss x Laura Lee eyeshadow palette
If you're not signed up for email alerts from Beauty Bay, I seriously suggest you should, although your bank balance may hate you for it afterwards! Anyway, onto the swatches:
Violet Voss x Laura Lee eyeshadow palette swatches

Violet Voss x Laura Lee eyeshadow palette swatches

The pigmentation and formula of these shadows are amazing. They do feel like high-end products and even though the pigmentation is very strong, blending them out isn't difficult at all. The only slight issue with the palette was just with one shade imparticular - Priss Pot - for some reason when I went to swatch it, the whole pan seemed to crumble and fall into bits. It was crazy odd because it didn't happen to any other shades in the palette either. 

I think my favourite shades have to be: Ragamuffin, 1998, Alabama, Whiskers & Smashlee.

I just love how this palette is great for creating neutral daytime looks while being able to add a pop of colour, whether it be in the crease, the outer corner or even all over the lid. Because I love this palette and the quality of Violet Voss eyeshadows, I have no doubt I will try and purchase the Holy Grail palette when it restocks on Beauty Bay again... sorry bank!

Another huge thanks to my friend Beth who this post is in collaboration with. She took these beautiful photos, along with the photos in my Testing Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks and a few more photos for some other posts soon to come. If you want to check out more of her work or follow her on social media you can use the links below:

Instagram: @bethtakesphotos & @heydrapel

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