Kylie Lip Kit - Exposed

The Kylie Lip Kit trend is one that I've never really jumped onto the band waggon for. I could never bring myself to pay the prices plus the shipping and the customs fee associated with it; plus the thought of the stress trying to make the cut for each relaunch is far too much stress. 

So this little parcel somehow ended up in my possession when I placed an order from America, which was such an unexpected surprise.
Kylie Lip Kit - Exposed
I must say, I really do love the packaging and everything that comes with it. The shade I received was Exposed, which is described as a warm mid-tone beige. The shade and finish of the lip kit is lovely, it's not too drying and it's the perfect shade for every day.

Kylie Lip Kit - Exposed

Exposed - $29

Kylie Lip Kit - Exposed Swatch

I'm quite lucky not only to receive this by chance but also because this is definitely a comforting shade for me. Especially in summer, I found myself wearing nude lipsticks virtually every single day.

As much as these lipsticks are so hyped, I just don't find the formula to work very well for me. The liquid lipstick seemed to flake and crumble quite easily, especially without the lip liner. However, the lip liner glided so effortlessly over the lips, not dragging which made for really easy application!

With all the horror stories about Kylie cosmetics, I'm not sure if this product just doesn't work for me or if I received a bit of a rubbish one because so many people rave about her liquid lipsticks! From my experience, I can't see myself placing another order in future unfortunately especially not with the huge cost that comes along with it, this is just one hype I can't get on, even with all the beautiful shades she's releasing! 

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