Blog Goals for 2017

The end of the year is always a time of reflection on the previous - whether that be happy memories, accomplishments, things you could have done better or whatever. So for 2017 I've decided to create a little post setting myself some goals over here at thebeautyisabeast. I've seen quite a few of these posts going around and I thought it was a nice, cute little idea. 

1. Redesign my blog layout and header
This is something I've been meaning to do for quite some time but I've just never got round to it - in 2017 I definitely want to give my blog a new look! Especially a new, non boring header. 

2. Engage more on social media
My twitter and instagram lack engagement for my blog so this is definitely something I want to work on, hopefully allowing my instagram followers to grow and participate in at least one twitter chat a week!

3. Post 3 times per week
Once I've finished my Masters, my evenings will be freed up again - so I would really like to increase my posts to 3 per week. This is going to take a lot of forward planning so I'm excited to work on this - watch this space.

4. More blogging collaborations
This year has had my first milestone of my first blogging collaboration with Peachy Queen and my first guest post on BookFangirling - I really enjoyed working on these pieces, so I definitely want to try working on more collaborations.

5. More diverse content posts
I feel like a lot of my blog posts are the same - mainly makeup related items, I want to feature more nail and fashion posts on a regular basis if possible. It will definitely help keep my blog a more interesting read.

Do you have any blogging goals for 2017?

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