KathleenLights x Morphe - Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette

I've probably mentioned before about how much I love KathleenLights and I'm a sucker for all her collaborations, so when it was announced she was releasing a limited edition palette with Morphe, I knew I had to have this palette. 

Now I didn't know whether to do a post about this palette since it is limited edition but there has been talk about Morphe re-releasing it one more time so this might help you make your mind up about whether to get it the second time round.
The palette contains seven shimmers/metallics and 8 matte shades, with a warm toned theme. There is a mix of custom shades and her favourite shades from other Morphe palettes so you may recognise some of the shades.

I love that even the palette is warm toned, she added a black meaning this could also be used for a dramatic evening look and helps to smoke an eye look out. Also, a surprising shade in this palette is an emerald - jade green and a khaki shade. Now admitted these green shades are not what I would usually go for in the palette, but if you haven't already check out Kathleen's video tutorial where she used the greens! I would definitely try to recreate that look at some point, even if it's just to get some use out of the greens in the palette. 

The quality of this palette is amazing, which is to be expected with Morphe shadows, you get a total of 15 shades for $15, which is incredible value for money. The tones in the palette are definitely my favourite eye look to wear, and they're so complimentary. The palette is so versatile that I only took this palette when we went away to Rome. 

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