Makeup Geek Makeup Brushes

I can't stop buying makeup brushes, seriously, it's becoming a problem. However, when I saw these cute little brushes on Beauty Bay I knew I had to get my hands on them. I was quite surprised as I haven't heard many people talking about them so I wasn't too sure what to pick up. 

Makeup Geek makeup brushes

I decided to try: 
Rounded Blush Brush | £9.25
Crease Brush | £8
Outer V Brush | £8

I think they've slightly increased in price since I bought mine but they're still 100% worth the money in my opinion. However, some of the other brushes in this collection are more expensive and therefore, I'm not sure if I would purchase some of the face brushes.
Makeup Geek makeup brushes - outer v brush, detailed crease brush, rounded blush brush

The brushes are created using cruelty-free bristles (so it's perfect for everyone, especially since these would also make a cute little stocking filler). The bristles are also synthetic which means they're perfect for the applying cream products for example Colourpop.

I can't get over how beautiful the handles of the brushes are and I love that it has the name of the brushes on the other side of the handle. It's such a pet peeve of mine when they brushes don't have their names on.

Honestly, after trying these, they're brushes I reach for all the time. The outer v brush is perfect for my crease because I have such little eyes, and I love the rounded blush brush for applying highlighter so effortlessly - I really have no clue why I've not heard any hype around these! 

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