Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette - Review

From the minute of seeing this lovely warm toned palette, I knew I needed to pick this up. I decided to wait until we went on holiday so that I could get it slightly cheaper - but when the black friday sales came around Debenhams had discount on the beauty products so I treated myself to some of the higher end makeup which I had been eyeing up for a while. My makeup collection doesn't feature many high end pieces so I definitely deserved this little treat. 

The palette contains 12 shades, which are mainly warm toned but do contain an odd cool toned shadow such as Magnet. It retails for £38.50 which makes it a pretty pricey shadow and contains only matte finish shadows. 

The packaging of this palette is absolutely amazing - I've honestly seen nothing like it. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and this appeals to all bloggers lately. It's simplistic, rose gold and contains a huge mirror. What more could you ask for? Another thing that really surprised me about this palette is the brush that it comes with. Normally, palettes which do contain a brush tend to be super rubbish and end up getting lost after a couple of uses, but I really do like this brush for shadow application. It makes it really tempting to try other urban decay makeup brushes because I have such a weakness for new brushes. 

A big selling point to this palette is all the shades are unique here, so it's not like you'd be buying a palette made up of previous matte shades that you would be likely to find in any of your Naked palettes. For me, I've never owned a Naked palette so this wasn't exactly a worry but it was exciting to know these were all unique shadows for the palette.

A lot of people may dislike the fact the palette consists of only matte shadows, especially if they like a bit of shimmer in their life because to most people this palette isn't very useful for all occasions- i.e. it may not be appropriate to take away travelling. However, this palette is exactly what it claims to be - the ultimate BASICS. I have other palettes that I would take travelling or if I needed to be able to create both daytime and evening looks, but for a normal everyday occasion, this is the perfect palette. 

From past posts, you can see I'm clearly a sucker for warm toned eye looks so this contains pretty much every colour I could wish for on a normal day to day basis. My favourite shades from the palette are: Extra bitter which is a lovely burnt orange shade, and lethal which is a maroon/purple. 

Even though I have multiple palettes which have similar toned shades, I do not regret purchasing this palette at all. I love the formula of the shadows - they're so easy to work with and very blendable which makes it easy for a newbie to use too. Having both the option to create a warm or cool toned look every day means this palette is normally the only thing I reach.

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