Brands I Want To Try This Year

This year I really want to branch out with my beauty products of choice - there are so many amazing brands out there that I haven't even got round to using yet. 

Too Faced

I've recently just bought the hangover primer - which I absolutely love; but I really want to experiment with more products from too faced because everyone just raves about their products - especially eyeshadows, and we all know I'm a sucker for eyeshadows.

Becca Cosmetics

I really don't own a lot of high-end makeup products, but again Becca Cosmetics is a brand which just always raves positive reviews. Their highlighting products look absolutely beautiful so this is something I want to get my hands on in 2017.


If you don't think Hourglass has one of the prettiest package going, you must be kidding yourself. Clearly, 2017 me has very expensive taste, but this is another brand that intrigues me so I'm definitely going to treat myself to test Hourglass.

Wet n Wild
Now from one extreme to the other, WetnWild is an incredibly affordable brand, however, it does not ship to the UK so it becomes tricky to get your hands on. I've been in love with items out of every launch I've seen so far so this is the year I get my hands on some of their products.

Sonia Kashuk
Sonia Kashuk is another American beauty brand that can be found in Target. Again, this is an affordable brand it's just the tricky part of getting it from America - the eyeshadow palettes literally look amazing, almost like a dupe for the viseart palettes!


Now, this year wouldn't be right if I didn't try out some new nail polish brands. I've been awful at neglecting my nails recently but I want to start wearing more polishes more regularly and this is a brand which all nail polish enthusiasts speak about highly!

Vapid Lacquer

I've never tried an indie polish before, but this is a brand, where the swatches just make me want to buy them all. Again, this is another American product so I'm not exactly too sure yet how I'm going to get my hands on them but they're on my wishlist!


  1. I definitely would like to give some of these a try too! I am in love with your blog too, hopefully we can stay in touch.. I love making new blogger friends! x

    1. Each new year is definitely an excuse to try more products! Make sure to follow me on social media, I love engaging with other bloggers :)