After speaking to Peachy Queen who said I should do a post on my dressing room, I ran a poll on twitter to see if it was worth doing! I'm very fortunate that our house has the room for me to have my own space, I've always dreamt of having a dressing room and although I don't think it's 100% perfect yet - it's quite restricting when it's a rented house, I do love my dressing room. Nearly my whole dressing room is furnished by IKEA, but it does help make the cutest dressing room!

My nail polish racks are on the wall covered in copper fairy lights. 
Nail Polish Racks | Amazon
Copper Fairy Lights | Wilkinsons

A helmer to store the rest of my nail polishes and nail tools.
Helmer | IKEA

Above my helmer, I keep my nail polish swatches and some props for my blog photos.
Letter R light, Mason Jars, Swatch Sticks | eBay
Vase | IKEA
Fake Flowers | Dunelm

I keep most of my tools on the window sill so it gets kind of messy. 
Table Light, Plant Pots, Pencil Holders, Jewellery Tray | IKEA
Cotton Swab Holder, Fairy Lights | Wilkinsons
Dressing Table Mirror | B&M
Copper Mirror | Boots

I have my dressing table in front of the window for the most natural light.
Table, Chair | IKEA
Floral Box | T K Maxx
White Basket | Lakeland
This is onto of my makeup storage, I keep my favourite makeup removers and lipsticks.
Vase | Tesco
Plant Pots | IKEA
Acrylic Storage | eBay

I really love my makeup storage but it's getting pretty full now. I definitely need some more. The order of the drawers go: Face & Base - Bronzers, Blush & Highlighters - 3 x Eyeshadows - Eye products and Lip products - Baby wipes and Gel Nail Kit & Nail accessories - Skincare products
Trofast Storage and Boxes| IKEA

My bookcase is incredibly cute, but kind of just full of bits and pieces. From Top to Bottom: Candles - Uni Work - Camera & Accessories - Book and DVDs fill the rest of them.
Book case, lights | IKEA
This is the newest addition to my dressing room, a little set of mesh drawers which I'm going to put my skin care in to make them more visible so they do not go unloved.
 Mesh Drawers | IKEA

What else should I put in my dressing room?


  1. Rach this is literally dressing room goals! Everything is so so pretty! Loved this post 💕