First Impressions of Korean Beauty

Korean beauty products have become more and more popular lately, they are fully dedicated to their skincare routines; it's no surprise that I'm rubbish with skincare but I was really excited to pick up a few pieces, test them and see what I thought. If you're also wanting to pick up a few things I used the website Yesstyle - shipping took a while but everything arrived in good condition. However, I believe Beauty Bay now stocks some of these products too. Popular affordable brands are Tony Moly, Oh K!

Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack £9.81
Tony Moly Panda's Dream White Hand Cream £7.11
Tony Moly Egg Pore Nose Pack - 7 Piece £4.41
Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil (Travel Size) £3.71
Tony Moly Pomegranate Sheet Mask £2.61

I also picked up a Tony Moly Pomegranate sheet mask but I was too impatient to wait to take a photo before I used it.

Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack

This actually smells 100% like bananas, it is so strange to get used putting this on at night time. It doesn't make the skin feel tacky after application and in the morning I never feel like it has left my skin feeling dirty, which I what I assumed would happen with something that is so highly scented. It's just like a normal cream consistency. It claims to help your skin repair itself while it sleeps. Currently, I haven't really noticed any change in my skin since using this product but it does leave my skin feeling soft in the morning. 

Egg Nose Pore Pack

I have quite large pores around my nose and the hype had been the black charcoal nose masks which helped detox your pores. However, the removal of the strips looked incredibly painful and then I came across these. They have charcoal and egg in the pack which work on different aspects of cleansing. The charcoal is used to remove black and white heads, whereas the egg is used to help smooth out pores. Honestly, after one use I haven't reached for these much yet, I'm preferring a general all over face or sheet mask instead. 

Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil


I had purchased this cleansing oil before I purchased the one from The Body Shop, which I reviewed here. I think I may have mentioned in that post about this oil, and really I never reach for it over my Body Shop cleansing oil. Whether that be down to the packaging it is in or how well The Body Shop cleanses compared to this one, I'm not sure. Being travel sized, I can imagine I will take this away when I do travel because since starting a two-step cleaning routine on a nighttime, I can't last without using an oil to help clean my face.

Panda's Dream White Hand Cream


I am such a huge hand cream fan, they get incredibly dry in the winter and there is nothing I like more than applying nicely scented cream. I always have some in my bag and I thought this would be super cute in my dressing room. Overall, I can't see I noticed any difference in softness between this product or any others I use but I still do reach for it, it leaves my hands feeling nice and soft especially in winter!

Have you tried any Korean beauty products?

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