Latest Picks from Boots: Skin Care

Recently while in Boots, I wanted to get my hands on Soap and Glory - Speed Plump All Day Super Moisture Marvel, and then I noticed a new brand in Boots - Formula 10.0.6 which had some products that I was excited to try. Since they were selling as an introductory price point, I decided to pick up a few more skin care products. I don't even think I purchased any makeup on this shopping trip!

Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox £8.99
Soap and Glory Speed Plump All Day Super Moisture Marvel £13
Formula 10.0.6 Rescue Me! Blemish Care £6.99
Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser £8.99

Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox

I love a good face mask, and I've been going crazy over sheet masks as well; so I was really excited to try this product since it is supposed to be really helpful to detox your pores which is something I suffer from. When I applied this it felt more like a cream as opposed to a face mask and really my face didn't feel any difference after using it.. like not even cleaner or softer. Considering it was called Deep Down Detox, I was left deeply disappointed. 

Soap and Glory Speed Plump All Day Super Moisture Marvel 

I picked up this moisturiser because it claimed to be incredibly hydrating for dry skin. My skin gets awful in winter so I could really do with a product like this in my collection. This product is definitely one of my favourite skin care products in my collection now. Even just for the moisturising benefit, it is completely worth the money. It also claims to iron out little wrinkles, but I haven't tested this thoroughly enough to comment.

Formula 10.0.6 Rescue Me! Blemish Care 
Supposedly, this is a fast acting on the spot gel for clearing and preventing breakouts. I'm lucky that my skin doesn't tend to break out too often, but if ever I see a specific area starting to look a little red or bumpy I just apply this on for a little help. I really think a product like this is handy to have kicking around your skincare products, obviously it isn't a miracle worker which stops you getting spots but it does help take away the redness from them to make it less obvious under your makeup. I love that it's a gel so you could also apply it on top of makeup if you started to break out during the day!

Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser 

This is a product I completely dislike. It stings my face when I apply it. I have so many other different cleansing products that I literally never reach for this product. Overall, I have to say I'm a little let down by the Formula 10.0.6 brand - do you feel the same?

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