eBay Finds #3

So I've been back at it shopping on eBay again and decided to do my eBay finds number 3. If you haven't caught up on number two, you can find it here. I also realised that in #2 I didn't put any prices for the products so I'm really sorry about that!

Flexible Lazy Arm in Black £4.99
This is literally going to be perfect for clipping onto the shelf while I'm in the bath so I can catch up on my YouTube videos - maybe then I'll avoid dropping my phone in the bath again.. or even hooked to my dressing table while I'm getting ready in the morning!

4 Piece eyeshadow blending set £2.50
For only £2.50 I couldn't really resist trying these out. Everyone loves a good branded makeup brush, but it's always nice to try out some cheap alternatives.

Holographic Nail Powder £3.40
I recently tested out the holo powder I bought in eBay finds #2, but it must have been so cheaply made that it didn't work at all, so I've bought a more expensive tub and I'm hoping to have more luck with this one!
Gold Nail Foils £1.99
If you've not seen any mani's with gold foil nail art, you are missing out. They are beautiful! I decided to pick a little tub up myself to try it at home although for how little you get £2 seems quite expensive.

Rose Gold Chrome Powder £3.75
Pretty much the same as the chrome powder in eBay finds #2, but just in rose gold because let's face it, who doesn't love rose gold? I also picked this up for a nail tutorial which will be coming soon! Although looking at it now - it doesn't appear to be rose gold which is slightly disappointing.

Decorated Mason Jars
These are the most expensive items in this post but I couldn't resist putting them in because they are absolutely beautiful. I had a few issues with the seller and parcels going missing but it was definitely worth the wait. They look so beautiful in my dressing room and are perfect for holding makeup brushes.

Have you picked up any bargains from eBay lately?

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