Who would have thought that a staple makeup piece would be found in Marks and Spencers? I picked this up because SophDoesNails talked about it so highly. The difference in the volume of her lashes was incredible. I don't have too many lashes, to begin with, and they're quite small so I was excited to try out the Pür Fully Charged Mascara. You can also pick this up online from Beauty Bay.
Fully Charged Magnetic Mascara | £15

£15 for a mascara does seem a little pricey, it's quite steep compared with drugstore prices. The description for the mascara is "anti-aging mascara that has a "magnetic" polymer matrix that wraps a positively charged elastic veil around each lash to instantly lift, separate and define each lash for long-lasting performance". 

Now there is no arguing that this mascara added some amazing volume, however, I found that this became quite clumpy on my eyelashes. I'm used to a much thinner wand that is perfect for sparse lashes as in the past I've tended to find that chunky wands just make all my lashes stick together and doesn't get close enough to add any volume. 

If you have quite a large amount of eyelashes, I 100% recommend this product as it builds up easily and almost gives the appearance of false lashes. However, if you're like me, you can still make this product work - you just need a little more patience. Start off the with brush reasonable free of product for each application and build it up one layer after another - using an eyelash brush might be helpful to prevent them clumping together. Be careful of the mascara drying because it is harder to go back and add more once it's fully dry. The formula is also long lasting which makes it perfect for all day events - although sometimes it can be tricky to get off, so take good care when removing!

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