Kiko recently put an offer on nail polishes - Get 5 for £5 and I had been eyeing up more of their polishes for a while now so I thought I'd pick some up. I ordered 20 polishes but ended up order two of the same shade by accident. I thought I'd upload some swatches of the polishes I picked up because I haven't done a polish swatching post for such a long time! I love the finish of Kiko nail polishes, both colours and shimmers - these have become a lovely little addition to my nail polish collection!

 L to R: 338, 518, 524
 L to R: 319, 318, 373
 L to R: 280, 492, 238, 493
 L to R: 536, 343, 528, 346, 347
L to R: 508, 365, 286, 226

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