I have talked about the Nail polish buying and selling group that I'm in on Facebook and on Thursday I managed to catch the release of the handmade natural cuticle oils that one lovely lady in the group is selling. After hearing so many positive reviews from other members in the group I knew I just had to try them out!

Handmade Cuticle Oils

I picked up two oils for myself and two for my friend Kate. We picked up the scents: Moonlit Path, Mermaid Kisses, Amber Romance and Loved Up.

Moonlit path: Bath & Body Works type - a very pretty powdery floral scent

Mermaid kisses: top notes of ocean mist, sea moss & dewy cyclamen petals. Middle notes of water mint, germanium flower & coriander seed. Base notes of cedar wood.. a lovely fresh ocean fruity smell.

Amber Romance: a sensual blend of black cherries, vanilla, sandalwood with a hint of musk

Loved Up: a fresh fruity scent with top notes of mandarin, apple & strawberries. Also middle notes of blackcurrant & clementine

Each of the oils can be ordered in three different types of applicators - Nail polish bottle, roller ball or a doe foot applicator. We picked these all in the doe foot applicator which I personally think has the easier application and can be popped in your bag for on the go. 

Helen was then very kind and sent me two more cuticle oils to try with different types of the applicator (with lots if little chocolatey goodness!) I received Orange Dream Side in a roller ball applicator and Fruit Loops in a nail polish bottle. I wish I could share the scent of these cuticle oils with you because they literally smell amazing.

Each oil contains 8 different kinds of oil and doesn't contain any of the nasty chemicals which you may end up receiving in a lot of the store bought oils. The list of oils included are as follows:

Vitamin E oil

Sweet Almond oil
Argan oil
Jojoba oil
Coconut oil
Almond oil
Wheatgerm oil
Fragrance oil

She has over 40 scents to choose from and at just £5 for 10ml, I think I need them all! If she ever comes out with an online shop I'll be sure to link it below!

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