Recently Tarte had an offer on site for (30%??) discount on most of their products. Now, last year I managed to get my hands on the Tarte In Bloom Palette and I was so impressed with the quality of the product that when I saw the beautiful shades in the Tarte Tarteiest Pro Palette, I knew I just needed to add it to my collection.
Tarte Tartiest Pro Palette
I cannot get over the sleek package of Tarte's palette. I'm a sucker for nice packaging on makeup products, making the products feel more luxurious. 
Tarteist Pro Palette - $53
Tarte Tartiest Pro Palette

Tarte Tartiest Pro Palette

I know I didn't need another warm-toned palette to my collection but I love the principle of this palette. Each row contains four matte shades and one shimmer shades. This palette takes out the thinking of how to pair eyeshadow colours together as each row creates an easy eye look. In one palette, you can do orange, purple, pink or a smokey eye look. However, you can always be creative and mix things up and take colours from each row. Ideally, this palette will work whether you're a newbie or not! Also, like their other palettes I own, their pigmentation cannot be faulted. The shimmer shadows are so glittery but are not chunky in the slightest.
Another plus of this palette is it has everything you could want to travel with this palette and the huge mirror makes it a perfect option to take with you. I know from experience I always forget to take a mirror when we go down to visit Ryan's family so this will definitely come in so useful! 

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