I feel like I had been waiting for ages to pick this set up off Cult Beauty. So when they eventually emailed me to let me know it was in stock, I added it to my basket straight away - well after deciding whether to go for Moonstone or Opal. In the end, I decided to go with Opal because I thought it was more fitting for my skin tone.

Becca - Opal Glow On The Go Collection
Sorry I didn't manage to include a swatch, I really struggled to capture it!
Becca - Opal Glow On The Go Collection
In this set, you receive a tube of Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlight (5g) and Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed (2.4g). Although for the price I didn't mind that you didn't receive a lot of products, I have so many highlighters that it would take me a while to reach the end of one anyway. Also, this little kit means it's perfect to try the products in case you're not sure about colours or the brand itself.

Opal is a Golden Peach toned shade, and the formula of the highlighter doesn't appear to be very chunky or glittery which I'm really glad about. I never tend to use liquid highlight, but recently I have seen a lot of YouTubers apply it with a damp beauty blender so I may give that a go and see if it changes my mind.  

The small samples also make it perfect for travelling or topping up on the go. I wouldn't say the highlighter lasts all day, but I think it's rare to find that. Overall, I'm so impressed with my first impression of Becca products and I definitely would be open to purchasing more in the future!

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