I had been seeing GWA brushes all over the internet in the past few months and they looked so amazing, I knew I just wanted to add some of their beautiful brushes to my collection. I had been deliberating for a while on whether to purchase some, they had a 20% discount code on site for brushes and free delivery over £20, so that twisted my arm! GWA are a cruelty-free, vegan brand which is perfect for everyone, although it doesn't specify on the website what material the bristles are made from.
Girls With Attitude Fantasy Collection - Essential 5pc Eye Set | The Beauty Is A Beast
GWA | Fantasy Collection -  5pc Essential Eye Collection | £24.99

I love the multi-chrome finish of the brushes and overall you can never own too many eye brushes. They're also quite short handled and light weight which makes them ideal for travelling.

Girls With Attitude Fantasy Collection - Essential 5pc Eye Set | The Beauty Is A Beast
In the set you get:
Tapered Blended Eye Brush
Angled Eyeshadow Brush
Eye Shader Brush
Pencil Brush
Angled Eye Brush

I feel like this set does cover the essentials which is ideal for on the go although it does make each brush £5 so I guess that may seem pretty pricey for a brand you've never tried before. When they arrived the brushes felt incredibly soft and I was incredibly excited to use them. However, when I used them, the softness of the brushes didn't transfer into the application and at times some of the brushes felt quite harsh. 

Overall, the brushes work well for applying eyeshadows and blending eye products. The don't seem to shed after a wash which suggests the quality of the brushes is fairly good. However, it's just the odd harshness of the brush that makes me avoid reaching for these time and time again. I think I would try more brushes from GWA to see if there face brushes are the same or if I received some dud brushes.

Have you tried Girls With Attitude Brushes?

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  1. It's a shame these were a little harsh as the colour and design of the actual brushes is amazing! x

    Jordan Alice