If you guys watch Tati (Glamlifeguru) you will know all about her OMG Tuesdays and WTF Wednesdays. Her testing videos are some of my favourites to watch so when I was shopping and happened to come across some obscure beauty products I thought I'd start a little testing series on my blog.

I decided to test the L'Oreal Mani Magic Retouch pens. This isn't such an unusual concept anymore within the beauty world but when I saw L'Oreal release a drugstore version, I knew I had to try them. I'm a huge nail polish fan, so although I was super excited by the concept of this product, I was pretty disappointed with the shade range (9 options) for this collection. I've also struggled to find them in-store since purchasing them!

L'Oreal Magic Mani Retouch and Go| The Beauty is a Beast
 I'm not sure what's happened to these products, but I've really struggled to find any stockists online. I picked up two shades: 402 Cherry, and 203 Berry. 
L'Oreal Magic Mani Retouch and Go | The Beauty is a Beast

L'Oreal Magic Mani Retouch and Go | The Beauty is a Beast
I had no clue what to expect for the applicator, so I was surprised when I saw that is was similar to that of a highlighter nib.

To use the product the instructions state:
  • Shake well with cap closed
  • Press the button on the end of the pen until product comes through
  • Apply on nails by pressing
Firstly, it takes an incredibly long time to get the product to the nib, but when it got there it seemed to overflow and there was too much product at once. Unlike a normal nail polish, it was then difficult to remove any excess product.

L'Oreal Magic Mani Retouch and Go - Cherry | The Beauty is a Beast
*One coat of Cherry - the application was incredibly streaky*
L'Oreal Magic Mani Retouch and Go - Berry | The Beauty is a Beast
*Two coats of Berry - there was so much texture on the nails*

After one coat, the product was very streaky and the pen lines were very obvious. I found the Berry shade left an awful bubbly effect on the nails but there was too much product that the polish application looked far too thick. In general, I found the application with the nib to be a lot more difficult than using a normal nail polish and my concern is that the nib would dry out rather quickly, making future applications even more tricky. I couldn't even do a full mani to test wear time!

Overall, I don't see the point in this product. If I'm going to have to carry something round to retouch my mani, I might as well take the nail polish bottle as I'm more likely to have a better application and make for a neater touch-up job. I had such high hopes for this line, but unfortunately, I was left pretty disappointed.

Have you tried these L'Oreal Mani pens?


  1. OMG I have not seen or heard of these?! The title of the product sounds like it would be good, I am so disappointed by this! So gutted it didn't do the job you wanted!
    Abbie x

  2. Oh I wanted these to work so bad! Such a shame! They definitely didn't do great advertising as I've never heard of these!

  3. I love Tati and her OMG Tuesdays!! Such a shame these didn't work out, although they might be good for nail art!

  4. This sounds like such a good idea but such a shame it didn't work out! Maybe if so much product didn't come out at once it would be good for doing little patterns!

    Ellie x


  5. Such a shame these didn't work very well! I've tried something similar before and found the same thing happened, it exaggerated every bump and groove on my nail!