I recently asked on twitter if it would be okay to just list items and use the sellers photo so that I can upload these kind of posts more regularly because currently they're few and far between. In some cases, I find a good deal but I have no room/space in the house to purchase it so it means these kind of posts never happen. Anyway, you guys said it was okay so we'll see how it goes!

Because we're renting I'm avoiding putting any more holes into the wall by hanging things up, but a setup like this would look incredibly cute in my dressing room with cute photos and lil inspirational quotes to keep me going! Also, it's an excuse to buy cute stationary...

This is such a good idea for travelling to keep all your beauty bits and bobs in one place instead of having several makeup bags which is what I tend to do. These come in so many different colours and I think I'm going to order myself one!

I'm a sucker for fairy lights and these ones are absolutely adorable to hang in a cluster! I swear I'd light my whole house by fairy lights if I could. Ebay really does have some good bargains in terms of fairy lights.

Although I don't have these exact ones, these mesh baskets are a super cute addition to the house. We have one in our living room and one in our bedroom and they're perfect for storing our throws when we're not using them because we have so many kicking around our house.

Mandala Tapestry - £10.99
If Ry would let me have my own way I'd have tapestry all around my house - I find mandala prints so beautiful and it makes me very happy. They come in so many colours and they're amazing!

Stuck in a constant state of wanderlust, quoted prints like this are a must have in my house! these come in a range of sizes and I'm being to think I should order the A3 print for our bedroom!

How did you find this eBay finds post? Should I stick to this format?

*Photos are all taken from the relative linked eBay sellers and are not my own.

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  1. I was actually in IKEA today looking for a wire mesh board just like this one and they didn't have one, so this is perfect timing!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour