In my makeup collection, I'm quite drastically lacking pigments which can be a tiny bit annoying when I'm always thinking they would be perfect to complete my eye look! I was placing a US makeup haul, and I decided to pick up a few of the JCat Beauty pigments because I had heard so many positive reviews about them. The pigments are less than $5 per pot too so they are great value for money! JCat Beauty is also a cruelty-free brand which makes this even better. Each pigment retails at $3.49 which makes you more likely to pick up multiple shades compared to a normal drugstore brand.

Shimmery Powder | Salmon, Earth Mango, Desert Orange, Rose Sienna & Auburn Red
Sparkling Powder | Golden Pumpkin

JCat Beauty stock two different finishes in the pigments - Shimmery or Sparkling, however, this doesn't mean that the colours are the same across the two products. The sparkling powder is more of a chunky finish which has a lot more texture to the pigment, whereas the shimmery powder is very finely milled and has a very smooth finish. 

Top to Bottom: Rose Sienna, Earth Mango, Desert Orange, Auburn Red and Salmon

Golden Pumpkin under a cream eyeshadow base

I was incredibly impressed with the swatches of these pigments, but the application could get a little bit messy because there is no sifter on the packaging of the pigments. I loved the finish of the pigments although, I'm not entirely sure how often I'd use the sparkling powders. I can't wait to start bringing these pigments into my makeup routine and to branch out and purchase more outgoing pigment shades! Even without a base for the pigments, they didn't seem to budge. When testing this with a cream eyeshadow base, it really made the colour of the pigment pop.

What is your favourite brand of eyeshadow pigment?


  1. These look beautiful! I've never tried any pigments before but I love the look of that gold one!

  2. These are so pretty and I can't believe how affordable they are too!

    Ellie x

  3. I've never actually tried pigments before! They frighten me a bit haha x