It's that time of year again where I'm being asked 'what do you want for your birthday this year' and honestly, I hate this question - it's such a difficult one to answer because I'm really never sure what I would fancy. I usually just buy what I want as and when I want them so it makes it difficult to supply ideas. I love this kind of posts because it's nice to see what people are currently lusting over. So if you wanna see what items I'm likely to purchase with my birthday money then here you go!
Birthday Wishlist - Ralph Lauren Bainbridge Tote
ralph lauren bainbridge tote
I'm not usually a bag person, especially a bag without a long handle. But something about this bag really appeals to me! It's such a reasonable price for a Ralph Lauren bag and looks super cute too. I thought the nylon material would put me off but actually, it helps make the bag suitable when I'm in my casual clothes.
Birthday Wishlist -New Balance 420 Trainers

new balance 420 mesh trainers with gum sole
I'm such a trainer fiend and I've never owned a pair of new balance trainers, but these look super comfy! So many people rave about this brand, and I would even be tempted to pick them up in a colour that isn't black. Let's face it, you can never have enough trainers.

Birthday Wishlist - ASOS Borg Denim Jacket

asos denim borg jacket
Denim jackets are my absolute fave especially in winter and mine is looking a little worse for wear so a new one in the 'borg' style would be perfect to step into Autumn. Asos always kills it with the denim jackets too.

Birthday Wishlist - Skinny Tan Mousse

skinny tan mousse
This is the fake tan brand which literally every beauty influencer has been raving about! I'm very loyal to my fave Bondi Sands but it can never harm you to try something new once in awhile
Birthday Wishlist - Luxie Rose Gold Basic Eye Brush Set

luxie rose gold basic eye brush set
100% I am a sucker for makeup brushes and definitely do not need anymore, but I haven't tried this brand of makeup brush out yet and I've heard so many positive reviews of the luxie brand that another 6 brushes can squeeze into my collection.

What is on your list to pick up?

*Photos are taking from the retailer sites and are not my own.

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