As I'm writing this it's currently very cold in the UK and it's starting to feel very autumnal. So I thought I'd pick some cosy items that I could find on eBay to help us all get ready for winter!


chunky yarn throw 
This is such a huge trend at the moment and although they can be pretty price, picking one up from the likes of Groupon or eBay makes them a steal! They look so incredibly cosy for a winter evening.
  Oversized blanket scarf
A blanket scarf is my go to in the winter months, especially when it's cold in the office. These are a staple to any outfit during this time and tartan is such an 'in' pattern at the moment!

3 Wick Bath and Body Works candles
Bath and Body Works candles are my absolute favourite, especially when they're 3-wicks which makes them super powerful. It's usually difficult to your hands on them in the UK but this seller is very reasonably priced!

Oh Deer! Cup
A cute cup is a must during autumn to put your hot drinks in and I'm a sucker for a good mug! I don't know why but I always associate deer/stags with wintertime.

Bulb Shaped Fairy Lights
I'd light my whole house with fairy lights if I could. My living room is seriously lacking in fairy lights so I need to get a wriggle on, but I love this style of fairy lights where it looks like proper bulbs!

Bear Dressing Gown
If you're always cold like me then a dressing gown is a must for autumn. I usually hate wearing them but since I've got a couple cute ones with little bear ears, they're now my favourite thing to wear!

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