The hype around The Ordinary seems to have grown in the beauty community throughout 2017. Their beauty products and makeup items have been flying off the shelves and they're becoming some of the most affordable must have items to get your hands on. 
I recently tried Salicylic Acid 2% Solution which many bloggers raved about being the ultimate spot treatment and I must say I was not disappointed for £3.90. So when I received the email from ASOS confirming they were stocking one of the most sought after full coverage foundations of 2017 I knew I needed to jump onto my ASOS and place an order straight away. I also decided to pick up their high adherence primer to see how this paired with the foundation.

A lot of the shades of the foundation have already sold out in ASOS, but I believe you can also pick them up from the website Victoria Health.
The Ordinary Coverage Foundation and High Adherence Primer | The Beauty is a Beast
Coverage Foundation in 2P | £6
High-Adherence Silicone Primer | £4

I was really intrigued to try out this primer, the fact it's classed as 'high adherence' really appealed to me as it instantly implied my makeup would not move all day. The claim of pore minimising also had me hooked on needing to try this product. The primer does contain silicones which I know a lot of people tend to want to avoid in their makeup routine, but personally, I don't mind so into my basket it went. For £4, I think this is one of the best primers I have tried and I'm constantly reaching for it. I genuinely believe that it makes my makeup stay on all day and I can feel the tackiness as soon as it's applied. I love that even though it's such a thick consistency, it doesn't feel like you're suffocating your face and actually, it feels quite moisturising. I did notice some difference in the appearance of my pores, but it definitely wasn't ground breaking. The appeal of this primer wasn't the pore reduction claim, this was more of a nice to have if it worked - so those of you who want to try this out for your helping your pores might end up slightly disappointed. Again, this product is already sold out on the likes of ASOS and Cult Beauty. If you can find it online, I definitely recommend getting your hands on it.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation and High Adherence Primer | The Beauty is a Beast

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation in 2.0P | The Beauty is a Beast
This foundation comes in 21 shades and their website shows swatches of each foundation to try and help you identify which shade would be best for you. Their foundations are split into skin tones and then broken down by undertones. So in theory, there should be a shade suitable for everyone. It appears there's more choice for fairer skin tones though. However, compared to usual drugstore foundation lines, this is a large selection of choice.
The Ordinary Coverage Foundation Swatches | The Beauty is a Beast
*Photo taken from The Ordinary
I must admit I did struggle to pick my foundation shade of out the swatches, so I ended up ordering two shades and just picked the one most suitable for me. Luckily, my sister has a lighter skin tone than me so I passed along the other shade to her.

The packaging of the foundation is very simplistic with a soft touch pump which is ideal considering how cheap the product is. I love foundations that come with a pump. It also contains SPF 15 which not many foundations include because of flashback, but I'm yet to test this! I haven't heard anyone complain about flash photography as of yet though.

The hype around this foundation is real. I was incredibly impressed as soon as I applied it to my face. I found the best way to apply this foundation was using a beauty blender rather than a brush but it gave a lovely and smooth finish. It applied effortlessly, especially over the primer and took little to no time to blend out. For a full coverage foundation, it is super lightweight and quite buildable too. I get rosy cheeks and the second layer over my cheeks really helped to mask this. All day, I loved how this wore. Every time I was inspecting my foundation in the mirror, it didn't leave me disappointed.

For reference, I have normal to dry skin.

When I went to take my makeup off that night, I was so surprised by how much foundation was left on my makeup wipes - this is a true sign of a good lasting foundation! I honestly knew from the first wear of this combo that it was going to be a new favourite and told Ry I needed to buy a backup. I haven't yet and now they're sold out on ASOS which has left me devastated - I need to keep my eyes peeled because these are some beauty items I don't want to run out of. I can't remember the last time a foundation/primer combo left me feeling this way.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?


  1. Oh I need to try this! That is such a good price as well, it sounds amazing x

  2. Im so intrigued by this foundation I've heard a few mixed reviews. I really want to try it but I hate picking my foundation shade online! Lovely review

    Ellie x


  3. I still haven't tried either of these but I really want to! I absolutely love The Ordinary, so I'm sure I'll love these just as much!