Recently, Boots began to stock a new makeup brand CYO which is an American line. I had recently seen a lot of American YouTubers talking about this brand and I thought I'd pick up some bits and pieces to see what I think of the brand. 

The brand CYO is all about creating makeup that is suitable and fun for everyone, they don't test on animals and all the products are affordable to ensure everyone can get their hands on them. They boast about #MIXLAYERHACK which is all about the versatility of their products and the possibility that many of the items have multi uses. 

I tried to pick up a full face of products from CYO so I could get a good impression of the brand itself. I will say that there is a limited number of swatches and pictures available online - Boots don't make it easy to see what the shades look like either which kind of meant that picking shades was incredibly difficult.

CYO Cosmetics | The Beauty is a Beast
Lifeproof Long Lasting Foundation in 105 | £7.50
It's a Cover Up High Coverage Concealer in Fair | £5
Cool as a Coconut Cooling Bronzing Stick in Fair/Medium | £5.50
Crush on Blush Powder Blush in Tell it Straight | £4
Frame of Mind Brow Sculpting Pencil in Medium Brown | £4
Crush on Metal Metallic Eyeshadow in College Crush | £4.50
Line 'Em Up Lip Liner in Tripper | £3.50
Matte Lot of Good Matte Lipstick in Sleepover | £4.00

CYO Cosmetics | The Beauty is a Beast

My initial reactions ended up completely changing in most cases after I applied the products.
Although the packaging is very minimal and simple, it did feel a little cheap - but I can live with that the for the price of the makeup. However, if you were looking for an affordable brand which looked luxury, this is not the correct brand for you. 

CYO Cosmetics | The Beauty is a Beast

This was the hardest item to pick up in the correct shade because between the Boots and CYO website, there was very little help on the shade range and all the shades are just random numbers. Anyway, I picked the shade 105 - it is slightly yellow toned but it is a pretty good match considering it ended up being a guessing game. The foundation claims to be a light-weight, medium coverage, 24-hour lasting foundation. I must say I have to agree with most of the claims about this foundation. The coverage definitely was buildable and it didn't feel too heavy on my skin. I didn't get round to testing it for 24-hours so I'm not sure how long it would end up lasting but I'd never want to be wearing my makeup for that long anyway. 
It's not my most favourite affordable foundation, I like some of my other drugstore formulas a lot more but for the price, you can't complain.

I really don't know what possessed me to pick up this concealer, I just don't like concealers like this. I only really use liquid concealers to brighten up my under eyes so maybe I'm a bit biased against this product but it's definitely an item you can live without. I found that the coverage of the concealer wasn't as high as you would need it to be if you wanted to conceal spots/beauty marks so I don't think it's worth it.

CYO Cosmetics | The Beauty is a Beast

CYO Cosmetics | The Beauty is a Beast

Bronzing Stick
My first reaction was that this product was awful - I didn't realise it was a shimmery product and so I thought I would never get any use out of it. I decided to give it a try while I was testing out all the rest of the products and honestly, I was surprised. The shade didn't make my face look orange or shimmery, it just left a nice sun-kissed look on the skin which I just continued to build up with powder bronzer. The only downside of this product is that there is a lot of work needed to blend it out so I recommend doing one area at a time, starting lightly and building it up.

I don't know what's happened to me and who has taken over my body but I've recently become partial to applying a light blush. Even though I thought I had bought a light shade of blush, I was surprised how pigmented the product was. I just made sure to tap off my brush and it gave a nice subtle finish to the skin. 

CYO Cosmetics | The Beauty is a Beast

Brow Pencil
I love that this brow pencil has a spoolie on the other end! It has a very similar shape tip to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer. I'm only used to my Nyx Cosmetics micro brow which has a very precise tip so it's going to take a bit of getting used to but I'm quite impressed with this product. It's a great shade match, easy to apply and use and an absolute bargain!

Metallic Eyeshadows
I was really toying with which shade to get and settled on this one. However, they all look really nice! When the shadow is dry, it doesn't pack a huge amount of pigment but it can be used to create a nice casual day-time look. I know this was a product Tati ended up raving about and I think if I was to use a fixing spray the colour pay off would pack a bigger punch. This could also double up as a highlighter if you pick the best shade for your skin tone and used a light hand as the formula is not chunky. I'm definitely intrigued by these shadows and I'm tempted to pick up some of the other shades.

CYO Cosmetics | The Beauty is a Beast

Lip Liner
I really loved this lip liner, the formula was quite creamy and made it easy to apply. Again, it was hard to colour match and so the shade doesn't match the lipstick but it's not too much of a problem because I have so many lipsticks which match this shade. I love that the lip liner is a twist up because it means you don't have to worry about remembering to sharpen it. The formula also blends in really well with lipsticks.

I rarely opt for lipsticks now, I swear 99% of the time I'm wearing a liquid lipstick but I really was disappointed in this product. The colour is baby pink which is just not my kind of thing and probably the majority of the reason I don't like this product - this is definitely a problem with purchasing on the Boots website, the shades/colours need to be more obvious! But there was nothing incredibly appealing about the product and I have so many other lipsticks that I love more than this. 

Have you tried any of the CYO products?


  1. I have never heard of this brand, but I love the package design and thank you so much for the swatches! It is such a shame you didn't like their lipstick :(

    Lots of love ♥ Janury Girl

  2. I've never seen/heard of this brand before! I do agree, the packaging does look a little cheap :(

  3. Ooo I’ve not heard of this brand! I don’t think I would go for them myself but the blush does sound pretty good. Blush is a must for me now and I never used to wear it!

    Ellie x

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