I think if you've read any of my blog posts by now or follow me on social media, you'll notice I'm somewhat of a warm-toned eyeshadow palette fiend. No matter how many I have, I can always justify purchasing another one and yes, I'm still a sucker for the warm-tones hype. 

I don't know what it is but I'm like a magpie to gold, orange and pink shades. So when I was casually browsing the new in makeup section on ASOS (seriously, if you don't do this... you should start) I happened to come across this Sigma Warm Neutrals Volume II palette and I knew I had to have it. I decided to have some self-restraint and at least wait until they were offering 20% student discount and eventually that day arrived and I'm now the proud owner of my first Sigma product.
Sigma Warm Neutrals Volume II Palette | The Beauty is a Beast

The palette contains 12 shades with a mix of mattes and shimmers. Most of the shades in the palette are a very creamy texture, packed with pigment and incredibly easy to blend. There are two different types of shimmer shadow textures, the first being very creamy and the other is an incredibly tough texture which doesn't seem to be as pigmented.

Sigma Warm Neutrals Volume II Palette | The Beauty is a Beast

On first glance, the palette gives off a very basic warm toned vibe with the exception of Fool's Gold. However, the colour selection is actually what makes this a perfect palette for travelling. It contains a brown, orange and pink eye look, or you could even mix and match the colours together. It also contains a nice big mirror in the packaging which comes in super handy.
I love the fact the shades are suitable for most skin tones and you can easily create a subtle daytime or a glamorous evening look!

Sigma Warm Neutrals Volume II Palette | The Beauty is a Beast

L to R: Humble, Charmer, Beaming, Toasty, Bittersweet, Henna, Iconic, Rogue, Passion Fruit, Russet, After Hours, Fool's Gold.

Shade Breakdown:

Warm White - Matte
Pale Pink - Shimmer
Pink with Gold tones - Shimmer
Golden Beige - Matte
Copper - Shimmer
Soft Brown - Matte
Burgandy - Shimmer
Berry Red - Matte 
Passion Fruit 
Dusky Pink - Matte
Dark Purple with Gold tones - Shimmer
After Hours 
Smokey Brown - Matte
Fool's Gold 
Gunmetal with Gold tones - Shimmer

My favourite shades in the palette have to be: Bittersweet, Henna, Rogue and Fool's Gold.
What's your thoughts on this palette, is it a must-have?

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