Since Glossier has been a brand that you can get so readily within the UK now, it's all I've heard anyone talk about. If you read my What I Got for Christmas post, you will have seen I was lucky enough to receive some of their products and I have been testing them since. 

I'm just going to go ahead and say it; even though I don't own many items from them, I definitely think the price is worth it and I would 100% order from them again. In fact, I'd love to try some more of their products.

Glossier Boy Brow and Phase 1 Kit Review | The Beauty is a Beast
Glossier is all about natural beauty, with skincare being the biggest essential to celebrate real girls and real beauty. It means that all of their products are kind to your skin and create a very subtle, natural look.

Glossier Boy Brow and Phase 1 Kit Review | The Beauty is a Beast

I decided to ask for the Phase 1 kit, which contains the priming moisturiser, a balm dotcom with a flavour of your choice - I picked up the Coconut flavoured one, and their best seller, the milk gelly cleanser. The kit contains full sized products and retails for £35, which means you save £8. Ry made a mistake with the order so I also got the Balm Dotcom in Cherry too and omg this smells amazing! I also asked for the Boy Brow because Emma from EmmasRectangle absolutely raves about this brow gel and I really wanted to try it. This is a little more on the pricey side and retails for £14, however, you can get this in some different sets if there is other stuff you want to try and it means you can save a little bit of money. 

Balm Dotcom | £10
This is a multi-purpose balm which can be used on your lips and skin, with the choice of 6 different flavours. The usage and formula remind me so much of Dr Lipp Nipple Balm and I'm pretty impressed, to be honest. This isn't a product I reach for a lot in general, but during winter when my lips are super chapped, it's a lifesaver.  

Priming Moisturiser | £18
This has pretty much become a staple in my skincare routine before applying makeup. The name is a little misleading as it's not priming in the sense of a normal primer which leaves behind a tacky feel. My skin always feels so soft after using this and I do find that my makeup sits on my skin so beautifully. The product claims to minimise the appearance of pores, which I can't say I've noticed. Because of the price, I wouldn't rush out to repurchase it but I definitely would be willing to buy it again.

Milk Gelly Cleanser | £15
Another best seller is the milk gelly cleanser; a face wash which can be used on a daily basis, helping to clean your face in the morning and remove your makeup on an evening. I love that this can be used on a wet or dry face, making it a pretty flexible product and I've loved having this in my skincare routine. I noticed that this product solely isn't good enough to remove all my day to day makeup, so I usually have to double cleanse to get rid of everything. However, I find this is a perfect way to start the morning as the cleanser is really gentle on the skin. The formula is unlike any other cleanser I have tried and this is definitely a must-have!

Boy Brow | £14
I have nothing but love for this product. I can't even see another brow product coming close to how much I love this brow gel. I'm pretty sure I will repurchase this from now until the end of time. Glossier says "All brow needs have been considered to create THE brow product: one to thicken, fill in, and groom brows into place" and this formula literally does all of this. Before I used Glossier, my go to was the L'Oreal Brow Plumper, but now I never even want to pick it up. The brush on the Boy Brow makes such an easy application and the shade brown matches my hair nicely!

What Glossier product do you love and that I should try next?

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