Recently, I was contacted by the lovely people at DiamondGelMax and asked if I wanted to try their innovative product - a portable 2 in 1 nail gel pen and UV light. I've always been into doing my nails but I rarely dabble with gel polish since I like to change the colour so often but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to try this out as it really peaked my interest in how it would work. 
Currently, the product is only stocked in two shades, Red Queen and Princess Pink. I chose the shade Red Queen as I thought I'd get more use out of it.

Okay, so lets quickly get to the only downside I found about the product. This product retails for £60 which is pretty expensive compared to other gel kits which you can pick up on the high street. I must say, I really did enjoy the flexibility of being able to have the kit wherever I wanted to use it and it's so compact for travelling if you're a fan of doing your nails on the go.  

DiamondGelMax - Red Queen First Impressions | The Beauty is a Beast

The kit comes in super cute packaging, with a lovely velvet box. Inside, there is the 2 in 1 nail pen with UV light, some wooden cuticle pushers and a nail file. I thought it was a little strange as normally a gel kit comes with lots of nail prep, but this kit is pretty minimal and easy to follow for any newbies.

DiamondGelMax - Red Queen First Impressions | The Beauty is a Beast
I was really nervous about the shape of the applicator as it was very pointed and nothing like you normally see in nail polish bottles but I found that actually for applying gel polish I found it to be incredibly precise and made the whole thing really easy. The UV light also comes with a battery which is always a plus when you're buying a kit like this. 
Normally, I find duo ended items to be small on either side making them not practical at all. However, both sides of the kit are big enough to make them easy to use and stops this from being a gimmick. 

The steps they give are: 
1. Apply thin layers to avoid clumping
2. Hold the UV light 3-5mm away from the nail and cure for 25-30 seconds. 
3. Repeat until you get the desired finish.

DiamondGelMax - Red Queen First Impressions | The Beauty is a Beast
Here's what my nails looked like after one layer. 

DiamondGelMax - Red Queen First Impressions | The Beauty is a Beast

I found the portable kit very handy, it meant that I could do my nails in the living room and didn't have to be near a plug to use the kit. Obviously, the ability to have it portable means that you can only cure one nail at a time and therefore, the application time is longer than if you were to use a normal gel kit. 

DiamondGelMax - Red Queen First Impressions | The Beauty is a Beast

It probably did take me longer than it may for others as I haven't done any gel applications in a long time, so for those of you who are a pro at gel applications could probably speed the whole process up.

DiamondGelMax - Red Queen First Impressions | The Beauty is a Beast

I found that I needed three layers to achieve the desired colour and excuse the application I ran out of lint-free wipes so as I tried to remove the sticky residue, I got cotton wool stuck on my nails.

Interestingly, the kit didn't come with a top coat either so it didn't usually high shine finish that I'm used too with nails. I decided to test the wear time without a top coat but for another application, I would definitely finish it off with a top coat. 

In the first couple of days, I saw a few little chips on the tips of my nails, but this definitely could have been down to not curing the edges properly because I found this to happen to most of my polishes. The only time this doesn't happen is when I get my nails done professionally.

It took 7 days before I got my first major chip on the nails so without a top coat I think the kit lasted pretty well. I knew the true test of if I loved this product would be how well the polish removes. Now I don't know if this was a fluke because of the thin layers but the gel was incredibly easy to remove. I didn't even have to soak my fingers in acetone, it peeled off nice and easy, leaving no red nail polish stains! One of the downsides of gel polish is the need to soak your fingers and spending so long trying to remove it. Knowing that I wouldn't have to do that will definitely make me reach for the product again.

What do you think of this 2 in 1 kit?

*This product was gifted to me, but all thoughts are my own.

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