I recently polled on Twitter whether anyone would be interested in seeing any posts around doing up our new house this year and the majority said yes, so I decided to create a little introduction post first about the actual house buying process. 

For buying our first home, we had a bit of an unlucky patch where it took us 6 months to even find a house we wanted to put an offer in for. Then, we were stuck in a very complicated purchasing situation which meant we had to wait 5 months for the house to complete and get the keys - so if you spoke to me about anything house related in that time I was probably very grumpy!

Our cute lil home

The house buying process seemed pretty complicated, but our mortgage advisor and solicitors really helped dumb down the process - including what we'd be expected to do and how much each service would cost us. We bought the house using Help to Buy ISAs which I know is closing down soon, but it's being replaced by another similar service and if you haven't got one yet, I'd really recommend it - I mean, who wouldn't want extra money to help you buy your first home?

We decided to purchase an older house, based on what criteria we were looking for. I would definitely recommend creating some 'must have', 'nice to have', 'willing to compromise' lists when purchasing a house. But also, I can't recommend booking a visit ASAP as well. We found a lot of the nice houses were selling incredibly fast and you should really book a viewing as early as possible to avoid missing out. 

By buying an older house, we knew we were going to have to do some work on the house, so it's a bit of a fixer-upper which is why I'm going to try and document as much of it as I can on my blog. 

Here are some photos of the house as it originally looks:

Open plan living room & dining room


Kitchen & Utility

Master Bedroom

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4



So far we've had the keys nearly two months and we've made quite a bit of progress; we've had all our plumbing redone and upgraded to a combi boiler, along with full electrical rewire, which means every wall has holes in it.

The next post will be all around the master bedroom as this is the room we've decided to start doing up first so stay tuned for the next part!

Here are a couple of tips when looking to buy your first house:

- Make sure you have some additional savings from your deposit so you have spare cash to start getting things done in your house once you own it

- Be open-minded when going to view a house and see if you can picture where your things would go

- Location of the house is very important, so do your research!

- Help to Buy ISAs are your best friends.

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