It’s been a really long time since I blogged and I had said that I was going to document our house process, but apparently, that didn’t go to plan. We’ve been in the house over a year now but I thought I’d start the documentation of the house up again, because I really want to look back on it, especially now we are so close to the end.
Over the last year, I’ve really learned a lot about DIY, how to get stuff done in the house, how indecisive I am, how much I love doing up a house and home decor, and I think I'm really going to struggle once this is over. I’ve had the opportunity to spend so much time and learn so much from my dad and grandad as well.
We started the renovations with the Master Bedroom because we didn't have long between getting the keys to the house and having to move in - so this seemed like a priority to have somewhere clean and tidy to stay.
Firstly picking which room was going to be the master bedroom was a struggle, there was the room over the Garage which was really long, but narrow or the bedroom which is now officially our room, however, it has a chimney stack sticking out of the wall.

Initially, we looked into removing the chimney stack but apparently, you need a few building regs, etc which were going to cost us just over £1,000 and then we still had to pay to remove it. Instead, we decided to move one of the internal walls back 18 inches and take some size off the small box room instead - this was such a good decision in the long run.

My Dad, Grandad, and Ry cracked on pulling the existing wall down and building the framing for the new wall. While the wall was down, it was super tempting to keep it down and have one huge room with my dressing room in the little half, but we decided to keep them separate in the end. Maybe we'll go back to this idea in the future.

Once the new wall was up, my dad cracked on plastering all the walls. We then had the challenge of picking paint colours. Over the course of the time doing up the house, I’ve definitely embraced colour more - however, these tend to be as pops and with accessories as opposed to being on the wall. I think when we come to redecorating, the house will definitely be less plain.

For the bedroom, we went with the colour white pepper from Crown paints, which is like a creamy neutral but has hues of peach in certain lights. Our bedroom is south facing, so this looks lovely as the sun is rising in the morning. We decided to keep this colour in all of the bedrooms in the house.

We also struggled to find a carpet and discovered how expensive this was. FYI, this tends to be a common theme across during us doing the house up. Throughout doing up the house, picking carpets we liked had always been tricky. We chose to go with Tapi carpets, and we continued to use them throughout the house because of their service. We chose the carpet Atlanta Grey - but I don’t think they stock this any longer.

The other thing that surprised us was the cost of blinds, there are loads of different routes to go down here, but I thought I’d share what worked for us. We couldn’t afford/didn’t want to shell out a huge amount of money on blinds, so we used an online company that we had used in our previous house called Web Blinds. They have loads of styles online and basically, you put in your window measures and it will give you a price for your chosen style. We have some quite big windows, but this way worked out affordable for us, with the bedroom blinds average around £40-50.

We haven’t really done anything different with the room, keeping the majority of the furniture from our old house until we’ve finished the DIY and can afford to replace it all the only change was upgrading from a double to a king-size bed. I want to make some changes to our room because I’m finding it really bland so I can keep you in the loop when I figure out what I want to do with it


If you guys have any ideas about what I can do with all this wall space, let me know - I’m really struggling for inspiration!

Below is a list of where we got everything from & I've tried to link them where possible as well!
Grey Cushions & Bedding - Matalan
Green Cushions & Table Lamps - B&Q
Wardrobe & Drawers - IKEA
Carpet - Tapi Carpets - Atlanta Grey


  1. Love a room transformation! Those lights behind the TV are so cute
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. Thanks lovely! They're probably one of my favourite things about the room, and they change colour x