I decided to show you guys what I have my eyes on in preparation for their *hopefully* amazing Black Friday sales. I always enjoy reading posts like this because it's a nice quick way to see what items people are loving if you're lacking inspiration.

ASOS Black Friday Wishlist | The Beauty is a Beast

ASOS Black Friday Wishlist | The Beauty is a Beast

ASOS Black Friday Wishlist | The Beauty is a Beast

Pull & Bear oversized tee - 🔍1197767
Nike Internationalist Trainers - 🔍1092296
Pull & Bear Longline Parka Jacket - 🔍1159852
Raid Kola Block Heel Ankle Boots - 🔍1133584
Berskha Check Print Bardot Top - 🔍1166519
Asos Premium Borg Raincoat - 🔍1153826
Asos Oversized Shirt with Batwing Detail - 🔍1134075
Bershka Suedette High Heeled Boot - 🔍1195601
Asos Chunky V Neck Jumper - 🔍1008674
Boohoo J'Adore t-shirt - 🔍1127508
Pull & Bear Piped Crop Hoodie - 🔍1189086
Warehouse Faux Leather Bonded Biker Jacket - 🔍1136345
Noisy May Padded Jacket - 🔍1130668

What is on your current ASOS wishlist?


I honestly didn't know Bleach London had their own makeup line until very recently. However, I read an article on Buzzfeed that raved about their eyeshadows. Now if you've read many of my blog posts, you would notice that eyeshadows tend to feature heavily in my makeup collection. So I decided to start building my own palette, but it's pretty difficult to see true colours of the eyeshadow and there are very limited swatches online.

Bleach London BYO Palette | The Beauty is a Beast

Bleach London BYO Palette | The Beauty is a Beast

Bleach London BYO Palette | The Beauty is a Beast

Bleach London BYO Palette | The Beauty is a Beast

Bleach London BYO Palette | The Beauty is a Beast

All of the shadows were £3 each and the BYO large palette was £10 

I wish I understood the shade names...

My first impressions of these eyeshadows are pretty mixed, to be honest. Some of the shades when being swatched felt pretty chalky. The paler shades seemed to require a lot more effort to get good pigmentation from the shadows, but the darker colours swatched amazing with just one wipe. I absolutely love the Bleach palette packaging. The clear window makes it very easy to see which shadows you want to pick from. I wanted the shadows to wow me a little more when applying them to the eyes and the shimmer shadow didn't really pack a 'punch'. 

In the eyeshadow range, they also include a lot of vibrant colours but it wouldn't usually be something I would reach for. I feel like the shades are missing some colours so that a full wearable eyeshadow look can be created. However, the shadows are incredibly affordable so if bright colours are your thing, this would be perfect for you.

Personally, I think I'd be more inclined to stick to the likes of Colourpop/Makeup Geek for the ease of purchasing and being able to pull together the right shades to make an eye look. The lack of clear images of the shadows makes this process quite difficult.

They have some other bits and pieces within their makeup range that I also really fancy trying such as their brushes and their lip kits. 

Have you tried any of the Bleach London makeup products?


This is the first time I've featured this series on my blog, but I do really enjoy reading other peoples versions, seeing what they've used up and whether they would repurchase them. So let's get straight to what I've been using lately.

Empties #1 | The Beauty is a Beast

Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate

I received this sample in my Feel Unique Pick N Mix and I used up the whole sample pretty fast once I embraced it into my makeup routine. It smells amazing and is really good for preventing foundation looking cakey or overly matte.
Would I repurchase: Yes - I've already bought  a full-size product

Empties #1 | The Beauty is a Beast

Seacret Makeup Remover Wipes
This was one of the items in a monthly subscription box. However, I found that the packet was quite dry by the time I reached the bottom of the pack.They are quite good for removing stubborn makeup but could feel a little bit rough at time.
Would I repurchase: No - there are other wipes I like better

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Wipes
I did quite enjoy these wipes for removing makeup, although I always did have to double cleanse. I really enjoy trying out new makeup remover and I much preferred these to the oil versions.
Would I repurchase: Not right now

Empties #1 | The Beauty is a Beast

Milani 2 in 1 Foundation in Warm Beige
I don't know how many ways I can say I love this foundation. It's super full coverage and doesn't go cakey throughout the day. Before I used it up, I wore this on a daily basis and I have nothing but positive comments to say about it. 
Would I repurchase: Yes, Yes, 100x Yes!

LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation
This foundation shade is absolutely perfect for when I was fake tanned, the formula of the foundation is a little wet, so it did need set down otherwise, you'd be looking very oily. I found the foundation to be short lasting so I could only get about 4/5 hours out of it before it started to wear away but I did love the way it sat on my skin and didn't emphasise my pores!
Would I repurchase: Yes

Empties #1 | The Beauty is a Beast

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Extreme
I'm sure I've mentioned it on my blog multiple times but this is my favourite heat protection spray. I've purchased this god knows how many times and I can't imagine a time where I wouldn't repurchase this. I find it never makes my hair greasy, it's great for protecting my hair and leaves it smelling lovely.
Would I repurchase: Always

Empties #1 | The Beauty is a Beast

Soap and Glory All Day Super Moisture Marvel
Another product I've raved about many times on my blog is the Soap and Glory moisturiser. I think this is like my third tube that I've purchased and I'm still in love with it. I find it so easy to chuck on in the morning before I apply my makeup and I've never had any problems with products not working well with this as a base.
Would I repurchase: Already have

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara
I've had this mascara for the longest time but I swear it's like impossible to finish a mascara. By the end, this had all dried up and was impossible to apply. I loved the wand of this Rimmel mascara, but it didn't do anything spectacular to my lashes to make me want to repurchase it. I have a lot of other drugstore mascaras that I've found work much better for my lashes.
Would I repurchase: No

Which products have you recently used up?


I'm back with another favourites post for the month, I haven't really tried a lot of new things lately, I've been on a budget because of all the travelling and Christmas is fast approaching. This means I've had more time to rediscover some of my old favourites.

October Favourites - The Body Shop & L'Oreal | The Beauty is a Beast

Ever since I've picked up The Body Shop Aloe Cream Cleanser it's been a staple in my skin routine. I normally use a makeup wipe to take off the excess of my makeup and then finish it off with the cleanser which helps for a deeper clean. Another favourite of mine is the L'Oreal Hydra Genius which is a perfect moisturiser for everyday use and it is something everyone has been raving about lately and I can definitely see why! I'm usually worried that some drugstore skincare ends up breaking me out but this one has been absolutely fine after so many applications. If only it could double as a primer?! 

October Favourites - Colourpop | The Beauty is a Beast

Another firm favourite since I've received them are the Colourpop No Filter Concealer - I have the shades light-medium 15 and light 20. For only $6 dollars, they are an absolute bargain. The coverage is amazing, it doesn't seem to crease excessively on me and it blends like a dream.

October Favourites - JCat & Stila | The Beauty is a Beast

It's coming to the seasons where pigments are my most used products within my makeup looks. I've previously reviewed and swatched the JCat Beauty Eyeshadow Pigments and this shade Rose Sienna has been a firm favourite. I received the Stila Magnificient Metals in Rose Gold Retro for my birthday and it's the perfect topper for an evening look. The glitter fallout can be a bit annoying when you're touching up your blending but I would definitely pick this up in more shades. I'm also really interested to see if there are any more affordable dupes out there.

October Favourites - Milani | The Beauty is a Beast

Setting sprays don't often get featured a lot on my blog, but they're definitely an essential for everyday makeup looks. The Milani Make It Last Setting Spray is the best drugstore setting spray currently on the market. The mister is amazing and it doesn't soak your face. It really helps remove the chunky look from highlights or the heavy foundation look. It's a tad more expensive than a normal drugstore product and you only get 60ml but it's 100% worth it.

October Favourites - Becca, Colourpop & Pur | The Beauty is a Beast
The Becca Cosmetics Opal Highlighter has been one of my go-to highlighters for travelling lately and it always tops off my makeup look, especially when paired with a warm eyeshadow. This shade is perfect for light/medium skin tones. I've always loved the Colourpop liquid lipsticks ever since I've tried them but sometimes I found the matte formula to be very crackly or too drying for an everyday wear. I decided to pick up a few shades in the satin formula and this Colourpop x iluvsarahii Satin Lip in 951 is such a flattering shade. The formula is super comfortable to wear and a perfect warm nude shade which is perfect for every day. 

Lastly, my favourite mascara has been the Pur Fully Charged Mascara this gives the most amazing curl and volume to my lashes. It's incredibly easy to work with and doesn't flake off during the day. Although this is slightly expensive as mascara goes I find it doesn't clump or take as much work to look nice compared to the L'Oreal Lash Paradise.

What have been your beauty favourites lately?


Sometimes, I honestly think people underestimate the importance of using good brushes for their makeup application. Not only do you need to use the most appropriate makeup brushes for each product you want to apply, you need to ensure that you look after your brushes and keep them clean to avoid the spread of bacteria and reduce clogged pores which leads to breaking out.

If you are unsure which brushes are good value for money, best for on a budget or brands which maybe aren't worth spending any money on, then you need to read this article by Reviews.com. Being a maths-y person, I love reading bits of research but even more so when it's all about testing different kinds of makeup brushes. They tested 16 different makeup brush brands, using 5 brushes from each set and honestly, I found this incredibly helpful to decide which brushes I should invest more money on, along with what qualities I should look out for when deciding to purchase any new brushes. You can read their findings here and see which brand was dubbed the best.

So, I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite brushes that I currently own.

Base Makeup
Fave Makeup Brushes | The Beauty is a Beast

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush | £8.99 
Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush | £12.99
Eco Tools Perfecting Blender | £8.95 (for the duo)
Beauty Blender | £16

Face Makeup
Fave Makeup Brushes | The Beauty is a Beast

Spectrum C04 Angled Powder Brush | £8.99
Makeup Revolution Ultra Flawless Powder Brush | £9.99

Fave Makeup Brushes | The Beauty is a Beast

BH Cosmetics Tapered Face Blending Brush | £20 (for a 10 piece kit with this brush included)
Real Techniques Sculpting Brush | £9.99

Fave Makeup Brushes | The Beauty is a Beast

Spectrum A00 Large Powder Brush | £8.99
The Body Shop Pointed Highlight Brush | £12

Fave Makeup Brushes | The Beauty is a Beast

Makeup Geek Rounded Blush Brush | $10
Real Techniques Setting Brush | £7.99

Eye Brushes
Fave Makeup Brushes | The Beauty is a Beast

Morphe M330 Blending Brush | £7
BH Cosmetics 129 Small Round Blending Brush | £20 (for a 10 piece kit with this brush included)
Colourpop Small Blending Brush | $6
Sephora Powder Shadow 2 | $19.99 (for an eye brush set)
Sephora Crease Shadow 3| $19.99 (for an eye brush set)

Fave Makeup Brushes | The Beauty is a Beast

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush | £14 (For the eye starter set)
Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush | £14 (For the eye starter set)
Spectrum B06 Tall Tapered Blending Brush | £4.99
Spectrum A07 Colour Applicator Brush | £4.99
Spectrum A14 Wing Definer Brush | £4.99

What are your top 3 brushes?